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Roll20 is the easy-to-use virtual tabletop that brings pen and paper gaming to the web the right way. Built on a powerful platform of tools, yet elegantly simple, it focuses on enhancing what makes tabletop gaming great: storytelling and camaraderie. It's incredibly user friendly, and runs right in your web browser, so there's nothing to download or configure.

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Elegantly simple

Roll20 is powered by HTML5 technology and runs right in your web browser. There's nothing to download or install, and no messy configuration files, for GMs or players. To invite players to a game, just send a short link. And there's never any need to do scripting or other tedious tasks, it all just works.

Storytelling, enhanced

Other virtual tabletop software tries to turn pen and paper into a video game. Instead, Roll20 provides tools to enhance storytelling and bring your group together, including text and video chat, player journals, background music, and a real-time shared graphical tabletop.

System agnostic

Roll20 doesn't worry about mechanics, so it can be used with many games. Play D&D online (any edition), Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, FATE, indie RPGs, other tabletop games, and more. Roll20 features basic tools like dice rolling, turn tracking, and markers that can easily work with any system.

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Who's this for?

Roll20 is a virtual tabletop. So it's all about taking any game that you traditionally play on a table (especially pen and paper RPGs and board games), and bringing it online. Play with friends who've moved across the country, or find a completely new gaming group online. Roll20 is easy to use, so dive in and get started!

Is this really free?

Yes! Roll20 is absolutely free to use for both GMs and players. Initial development of Roll20 was funded via Kickstarter, and we do offer totally optional supporter accounts for those who want access to additional perks (like more storage space and direct access to the Dev team) to help fund further improvements. But even if you're on a Base account for free, you'll still have access to everything you need to run your game -- unlimited campaigns and players, with access to all the great features listed on this page.


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Up and running in record time

Being a game master is hard enough. Roll20 makes your life as easy as possible by saving you the hassle of installing or configuring. Just load up a web browser on any system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and you’re ready to get started. For best results use Firefox or Chrome, and be sure to have Flash installed to take advantage of video chat.

It's just as easy to invite players. Send them a quick link and they’re in your game, ready to play. It’s never been easier to get an online group together, so you spend more time playing, and less time swearing at firewalls.

Character Sheets

Keeping track of all the crazy things going on in your games is hard enough. Don't rely on paper or yet another "character sheet builder." Roll20 provides easy to use sheets for most popular systems right at your finger tips. Set them up for your players ahead of time or do character creation right in Roll20 -- it's up to you!

Never worry about losing a paper sheet again, and speed up your gameplay with handy auto-calculating stats Read more...


When you're playing online, you want to make sure your rolls are as fair as possible. While other RPG apps have settled for "pseudo" random, we've gone the extra mile to enable our dice engine to be powered by a source of "true" randomness -- based on the power fluctuations of a split beam of light. If that sounds like overkill, it is, but you'll thank us for it when you roll that critical hit.

Our dice are more fair than rolling in-person. Don't believe it? We've put ourselves to the test, and you can see for yourself. Read more...

Video and voice chat

What makes tabletop gaming great? The people. While it’s not quite as good as getting around a table in person, the video chat feature helps you see and hear your players as they spin epic tales of battle and intrigue. It doesn't require any setup, just the Adobe Flash plugin which you probably already have installed. If you're on a slower connection, turn off the video and go audio-only.

93% of communication is nonverbal language including facial expressions -- find out what you've been missing out on. Read more...

Your art + Marketplace + Web
= Art Library Bliss

Virtual tabletops need great art. It’s what helps immerse your players in the game. But, finding all the art you need can be a huge hassle. Roll20 features a wide array of built-in tokens and map tiles from great artists from the Roll20 Marketplace, making finding the art you need a breeze. Or, if you already have all the art you need, just drag and drop it onto the tabletop from your computer and it's ready to go in no time at all. And to top it all off, you can quickly find even more assets with the built-in web search. It seamlessly searches through popular RPG forums and sites to help you find just the right token or map tile.

The ease of use and breadth of scope make creating adventures a quick and painless process like never before. Read more...

Jukebox makes a comeback

A key component missing from many roleplaying sessions is sound. It’s difficult to find a good place to get music, and even harder to make sure that everyone can hear it. Roll20 has integrated the entire library of SoundCloud music to give you quick access to tens of thousands of background music tracks. Adding them to your campaign is as easy as typing a keyword and clicking a button, seamlessly broadcasting to all of your players as well.

Control volume levels and play multiple tracks at once to create an immersive soundscape with ease. Read more...

Text chat & dice rolls

Of course, what online system would be complete without a text chat system? Speak out-of- or in-character, send whispers to communicate with other players or the GM in private, and use emotes to add additional depth to your characters. And rolling dice is as easy as typing a formula. There’s also a powerful macros system to let you store frequently used rolls or emotes so you can cut down on your typing time.

And best of all, the text chat log is fully persistent between play sessions, so you can review anytime to find out exactly who said and rolled what. Read more...

3D Dice

Somtimes you want to be able to see your dice actually rolling on the tabletop. Roll20 now offer the ability to enable 3D Dice, which allows you to see a 3D physics simulation right in your browser whenever you perform a dice roll. And any other players with 3D Dice enabled will see your roll happening in real-time on their computer as well, so you can all share in the excitement of that crucial crit!

Bring back excitement to to dice rolls in your virtual tabletop! Read more and see it in action...

Stay on the same page with Journal

The Journal lets you keep track of information on important characters and store notes like handouts and maps. You can also choose to share or withold entries from each individual player. It's the perfect way to keep track of information about your NPCs and make sure all of your players are on the same page.

Have a secret note that you need to slip to a specific character from forces unknown? Two clicks and you're done. Read more...

Google+ Hangouts Support

Roll20 features full support for running your games inside of Google+ Hangouts. If your players are already on Google+ and familiar with the Hangouts interface, it's just one-click to get Roll20 added to your sessions.

Play on the main Roll20 site or take your game to where your players already are -- it's your choice. Read more...

And more...

Fog of war to hide and reveal areas of the map, a turn tracker to aid in encounters, drawing tools including text and freehand, token health bars and auras, grid snapping, a measurement tool, and a GM info layer to let you keep track of traps without tipping your hand. Plus even more on the way.


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