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We've got all the rules you need for your favorite tabletop RPGs: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, and more! The Roll20 Compendium provides rules, monsters, spells, items, and more all at your finger-tips, whether you're playing in-person or via our virtual tabletop.

Roll20 Compendiums

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

If you're looking for the rules for the most popular fantasy RPG, you've come to the right place. D&D 5E spells, monsters, items, and rules all await you in the D&D Fifth Edition Compendium.

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Pathfinder Second Edition

Pathfinder Second Edition

Access all of our Pathfinder Second Edition Roleplaying Game compendium entries here.

Access Pathfinder Second Edition »

Dungeon World

Dungeon World

Our Dungeon World Compendium provides all the useful information you need to get started with playing a game of Dungeon World. Classes, Moves, Spells, Equipment, and all of the Rules are available for you here.

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Fate is a flexible system that can support whatever worlds you dream up. Access all the rules from both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated here on Roll20!

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Access all of our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compendium entries, such as Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, here.

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Access all of our Starfinder Roleplaying Game compendium entries, such as Alien Archive, here.

Access Starfinder »



DramaSystem gives you the tools to create emotionally compelling narrative through interpersonal conflict. Explore the rules here.

Access DramaSystem »



A game about language and how it dies, by Thorny Games. Access the Dialect rules to guide you through creating your own language and story.

Access Dialect »


Fully integrated into Roll20

You can quickly access the Compendium right from inside your game while playing on the Roll20 virtual tabletop. And if you're using a compatible Character Sheet, you can just drag-and-drop spells, items, or monsters right out of the Compendium and onto your sheet to fill in the details.

Find anything, fast

The Compendium features a search bar at the top of the screen that you can use to search for nearly anything -- a spell, an item, a monster, a class, even a condition, an attribute, or any other rule you might need to quickly reference during your game.

Powerful filtering options

Beyond just searching by keyword, though, you'll find that the Compendium features an advanced search capability unlike anything currently available. Want to know all 5th Edition spells available to the Wizard class by level? Or how about all 5E Monsters by Challenge Rating? Or get even more specific -- how about all 5E Monsters that are Monstrosities and can cast one or more spells?

Mobile optimized

Every page is fully optimized to render on mobile devices such as phones and tablets so you can take the rules to your in-person game on the go.

Open and community-driven

The Compendium is a resource that the whole community can freely use. Anyone can apply to help edit the Compendium and keep it up to date, and all of our data is freely available in JSON format. Future tools can build on top of this data to create even more engaging experiences for the whole community.