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D&D 5th Edition


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Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition - Roll20 Characters

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Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition! The Free Basic Rules contains a limited selection of character options. Purchasing the D&D 5E Player's Handbook will unlock all of the character creation rules, races, classes, feats, and options in both Roll20 Characters and Compendium! Additional character options can be found in a variety of products from the Wizards of the Coast publisher page.

When manually editing a character sheet you can drag and drop class features, subclass features, feats and more directly from the Compendium onto your character sheet! Manual editing does not constrain you to the game rules, so be aware that you might be breaking the rules (and your Dungeon Master's heart)!

For further assistance with the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Character Sheet by Roll20 please visit our Help Center.


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