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D&D 5th Edition


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Belt of Giant Strength

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Belt of Giant Strength
Wondrous item, rarity varies (requires attunement)

While wearing this belt, your Strength score changes to a score granted by the belt. If your Strength is already equal to or greater than the belt's score, the item has no effect on you.

Six varieties of this belt exist, corresponding with and having rarity according to the six kinds of true giants. The belt of stone giant strength and the belt of frost giant strength look different, but they have the same effect.

Type   Strength   Rarity  
Hill giant 21 Rare
Stone giant / Frost giant   23 Very rare
Fire giant 25 Very rare
Cloud giant 27 Legendary
Storm giant 29 Legendary

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Item Rarity
Rarity varies
Item Type
Adventuring Gear
Strength: 21
Wondrous Item, Belt
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