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D&D 5th Edition


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Horn of Valhalla

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You can use an Action to blow this horn. In response, Warrior spirits from the Valhalla appear within 60 feet of you. They use the Statistics of a Berserker. They Return to Valhalla after 1 hour or when they drop to 0 Hit Points. Once you use the horn, it can't be used again until 7 days have passed.

Four types of horn of Valhalla are known to exist, each made of a different metal. The horn's type determines how many berserkers answer its summons, as well as the requirement for its use. The GM chooses the horn's type or determines it randomly.
d100 Horn Type Berserkers Summoned Requirement
01-40 Silver 2d4 + 2 None
41-75 Brass 3d4 + 3 Proficiency with all simple Weapons
76-90 Bronze 4d4 + 4 Proficiency with all Medium Armor
91-00 Iron 5d4 + 5 Proficiency with all martial Weapons
If you blow the horn without meeting its requirement, the summoned berserkers Attack you. If you meet the requirement, they are friendly to you and your Companions and follow your commands.


Item Type
Adventuring Gear
Wondrous Item
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