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D&D 5th Edition


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Robe of Useful Items

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This robe has cloth patches of various shapes and colors covering it. While wearing the robe. you can use an action to detach one of the patches, causing it to become the object or creature it represents. Once the last patch is removed, the robe becomes an ordinary garment.

The robe has two of each of the following patches:


Bullseye lantern (filled and lit)

Steel mirror

10-foot pole

Hempen rope (50 feet, coiled)


In addition, the robe has 4d4 other patches. The DM chooses the patches or determines them randomly.

d100 — Patch:

01-08 — Bag of 100 gp

09-15 — Silver coffer (1 foot long, 6 inches wide and deep) worth 500 gp

16-22 — Iron door (up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high, barred on one side of your choice), which you can place in an opening you can reach; it conforms to fit the opening, attaching and hinging itself

23-30 — 10 gems worth 100 gp each

31-44 — Wooden ladder (24 feet long)

45-51 — A riding horse with saddle bags (see the Monster Manual for statistics)

52-59 — Pit (a cube 10 feet on a side), which you can place on the ground within 10 feet of you

60-68 — 4 potions of healing

69-75 — Rowboat (12 feet long)

76-83 — Spell scroll containing one spell of 1st to 3rd level

84-90 — 2 mastiffs (see the Monster Manual for statistics)

91-96 — Window (2 feet by 4 feet, up to 2 feet deep), which you can place on a vertical surface you can reach

97-00 — Portable ram


Item Rarity
Item Type
Adventuring Gear
Wondrous Item, Robe
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