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When you dedicate yourself to a mission through prayer and Ritual cleansing, state what you set out to do:

  • Slay _______, a great blight on the land
  • Defend _______ from the iniquities that beset them
  • Discover the truth of _______

Then choose up to two boons:

  • An unwavering sense of direction to _______.
  • Invulnerability to _______ (e.g., edged Weapons, fire, enchantment, etc.)
  • A mark of Divine Authority
  • Senses that pierce lies
  • A voice that transcends language
  • A freedom from hunger, thirst, and sleep

The GM will then tell you what vow or vows is required of you to maintain your blessing:

  • Honor (forbidden: cowardly tactics and tricks)
  • Temperance (forbidden: gluttony in food, drink, and pleasure of the flesh)
  • Piety (required: observance of daily holy services)
  • Valor (forbidden: suffering an evil creature to live)
  • Truth (forbidden: lies)
  • Hospitality (required: comfort to those in need, no matter who they are)


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