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When you put out word that you’re looking to hire help, roll. If you make it known…

  • …that your pay is generous, take +1
  • …what you’re setting out to do, take +1
  • …that they’ll get a share of whatever you find, take +1

If you have a useful Reputation around these parts take an additional +1. On a 10+ you’ve got your pick of a number of skilled applicants, your choice who you hire, no penalty for not taking them along. On a 7–9 you’ll have to settle for someone close or turn them away. On a miss someone influential and ill-suited declares they’d like to come along (a foolhardy youth, a loose-cannon, or a veiled enemy, for example), bring them and take the consequences or turn them away. If you turn away applicants you take -1 forward to Recruit.


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