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Void Yai

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This towering, three-eyed horned giant carries himself with the self-assurance of an undefeated champion of countless wars.

The concept of the void is a difficult one for many individuals to grasp, for it encompasses more than just an absence of anything. The concept of “void” as an element also represents the heavens above, the dark places between the stars, the nature of the spiritual world, and even the capacity to create and envision new ideas. The void yai represents all of these possibilities, interpreted in a way that exemplifies the evil of the oni race.

Unlike lesser oni, the void yai does not represent any single Humanoid race—the closest it comes is perhaps the Rune Giant, and certainly the void yai superficially resembles Monsters of legend, with its dark, heavily muscled body, horns, and fangs. A void yai manifests when the combination of an extremely powerful oni spirt and an overwhelmingly evil location intersect at precisely the right time. Rarely, an eldritch Transformation spontaneously elevates an existing yai to the vaunted Status of void yai—whispers of vile rituals that an oni can Perform to quicken this Transformation keep some sages awake at night, for if such rituals existed, then all oni could potentially become void yai—a sobering thought indeed, given the void yai's daunting capacity for cruelty. As with almost all oni, the void oni's use of Weapons and armor seems like cruel overkill. A void oni is 20 feet tall and weighs 10,000 pounds.

Void yai turn toward the Material Plane to satisfy their desires, lording over lesser creatures with the aid of the void. A void yai usually claims a huge territory, bringing much larger creatures to heel as servants. As with Fire Yai, a void yai makes frequent use of lesser oni as its minions, but prefers to surround itself with whatever giant tribe or society it has conquered. Rarely, a void yai commands kingdoms of smaller humanoids, but since the immense void yai has no ability to assume the shape of such small and insignificant creatures, it often feels awkward and out of place. More so than other yai, void yai are ashamed of their true appearance—their vanity is such that most are masters of using their Change Shape ability to appear as breathtakingly handsome or beautiful giants, and it is in this form they prefer to live. Only when Combat begins does their rage take control, causing them to revert to their true, horrific shapes.

Special Abilities

Commanding Voice (Su) A void Oni Gains a +4 racial bonus on the save DC of any charm or compulsion effects it uses against humanoids.

Void Form (Su) A void yai may become Incorporeal As a Swift Action. In this form, it appears as a solid black Shadow of its True Form. It gains the Incorporeal Subtype and Incorporeal Defensive ability while in void form. Any gear or armor the yai carries becomes Incorporeal As well—it loses its AC bonus from armor and natural armor, but gains a Deflection bonus to its AC equal to its Charisma modifier (+7 for most void yai, for an AC of 16). It may still speak while Incorporeal And can still use its spell-like and Special Abilities.

Void Missile (Su) As a Swift Action, a void yai can launch a bolt of Darkness from its third eye. Damage caused by this missile is negative energy Damage. This attack has a range of 180 feet with no range increment.

Void Trap (Su) When a void Oni Uses any teleportation effect on itself (including its Greater Teleport And Plane Shift Spell-Like Abilities, but not its Teleport Object Spell-like ability), it can choose to arrive at its destination in void form as a Free Action. When it does so, it leaves behind a temporary lesser Sphere of annihilation In a square of its choice that was part of its space before it teleported. This Sphere of annihilation Cannot be caused to move by other creatures, but the sphere itself moves at a fly speed of 30 feet (perfect) toward the closest Tiny or larger Creature on the Oni 's next turn. If no appropriate Creature is within 30 feet, the sphere does not move that round. If the sphere enters a square occupied by a Creature (or if a Creature touches the sphere), that Creature is affected as if by a Disintegrate Spell (CL 20th, DC 23). Once the sphere damages a Creature with this effect, the sphere vanishes—it also vanishes on its own after 24 hours in the unlikely event that it never discharges on a Creature. The save DC is Charisma-based.


36, Touch 9, Flat-footed 35 (+9 Armor, +1 Dex, +18 Natural, 2 Size)
Base Atk
CR 20
Creature Type
Outsider (Giant, Native, Oni, Shapechanger)
Cold Or Temperate Mountains
Awesome Blow , Cleave , Combat Reflexes , Critical Focus , Improved Bull Rush , Improved Critical (Greatclub), Improved Initiative , Improved Vital Strike , Iron Will , Power Attack , Staggering Critical , Vital Strike
379 (23d10+253); Regeneration 15 (Fire Or Good Spells)
Le Huge Outsider ( Giant , Native , Oni , Shapechanger ) +6
Common, Giant
Mwk Greatclub +39/+34/+29/+24 (3d8+25/1920) Or 2 Slams +38 (2d6+17)
Void Missile +23 Touch (6d6 Plus Energy Drain )
15 Ft.
Change Shape (Large, Huge, Or Gargantuan Humanoid; Giant Form Ii ), Void Form
Darkvision 60 Ft., Low-light Vision, True Seeing ; Perception +29
Acrobatics +17 (+25 When Jumping), Bluff +30, Fly +20, Intimidate +30, Knowledge (Arcana) +27, Knowledge (History) +24, Knowledge (Nobility) +24, Knowledge (Planes) +27, Perception +29, Sense Motive +29, Spellcraft +24, Use Magic Device +30
15 Ft.
Special Attacks
Commanding Voice, Energy Drain (2 Levels, Dc 28), Void Trap
40 Ft., Fly 40 Ft. (Good); 60 Ft., Fly 60 Ft. Without Armor
Spell Resistance
Spell-Like Abilities
(Cl 20th; Concentration +27) Constant— Fire Shield (Chill Shield), Fly , True Seeing At Will— Deeper Darkness , Gaseous Form (Self Only), Greater Dispel Magic , Greater Teleport (Self Plus Armor, Weapon, And 50 Lbs. Of Objects Only), Invisibility (Self Only), Minor Creation, Vision 3/day— Cone Of Cold (Dc 22), Demand (Dc 25), Dominate Person (Dc 22), Major Creation , Mass Charm Monster (Dc 25), Polar Ray, Teleport Object (Dc 24) 1/day— Implosion (Dc 26), Plane Shift (Dc 24)
Double (Masterwork Full Plate, Masterwork Greatclub, Other Treasure)
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