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Celebrated as Best Game and Product of the Year at Gen Con, ZWEIHÄNDER RPG is a dark fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Using an intuitive D100 system and modern design principles, it’s easy for Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPG fans to learn and play. ZWEIHÄNDER also offers enough crunch to satisfy Veteran gamers, making a dynamic alternative to craft your own dark fantasy campaigns. Using its unique profession-based system, you'll create grim & perilous characters unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

ZWEIHÄNDER awaits, and the fate of your grim & perilous tale hangs in the balance!

First Time Adding A Compendium?

  • "Buy" the Compendium for free at Roll20 Marketplace here.
  • Hover over GAME in the nav and select "Create New Game"
  • Go to "Choose a Character Sheet" and select "ZWEIHÄNDER RPG by Andrews McMeel Publishing"
  • Click the blue box "I'm ready, Create Game!"
  • Click "Launch Game"
  • The entirety of the Zweihander RPG: Player's Handbook Compendium is now available under the top-right round icon that looks like an italicized "i"
  • Still having issues? Visit the Roll20 Help Center

  • Rolling Dice
  • Skill Test Summary
  • Difficulty Rating
  • Critical Success & Failure
  • Automatic Success & Failure
  • Opposed Tests
  • Secret Tests
  • Flip the Results to Succeed
  • Flip the Results to Fail
  • Fury & Chaos Dice
  • Misfortune Pool
  • Attributes

  • Character Creation





  • Brass Penny (Lowborn)
  • Silver Shilling (Burgher)
  • Gold Crown (Aristocrat)
  • Trading
  • Haggling
  • Selling Scavenged Goods
  • Materials in Craftsmanship
  • Quality of Services
  • Crafting
  • Melee Weapons
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Weapon Qualities
  • Armor
  • Armor Qualities
  • Shields
  • Shield Qualities
  • War Machines
  • War Machine Qualities

  • Combat

  • Combat Terminolgy
  • Combat Overview

  • Hazards and Healing

  • Animalbane
  • Beastbane
  • Black Lotus
  • Blackroot
  • Bloody Flux
  • Chaotic Rot
  • Disease
  • Disorder
  • Extreme Weather
  • Falling
  • Filth Fever
  • Fire
  • Folkbane
  • Graveroot
  • Grey Plague
  • Hunting and Foraging
  • Injuries
  • Liquid Courage
  • Mandrake Root
  • Materia Medica
  • Orx-Molt
  • Peril and Damage
  • Red Cap Mushroom
  • Red Death
  • Scorpion Venom
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Snake Venom
  • Spider Venom
  • Starvation
  • Suffocation
  • Tomb Rot
  • Venereal Disease

  • Grimoire

  • Ætheric Winds
  • Inner Workings of Magick
  • The Two Traditions of Magick
  • Other Forms of Magick
  • Attributes
  • Arcana Of Animisim
  • Arcana Of Astromancy
  • Arcana Of Elementalism
  • Arcana Of Luminescence
  • Arcana Of Morticism
  • Arcana Of Necromancy
  • Arcana Of Pyromancy
  • Arcana Of Shadowmancy
  • Arcana Of Sorcery
  • Arcana Of Transmutation
  • The Crouching One
  • The Custodian
  • The Demiurge
  • The God-Emperor
  • The Learner
  • The Leviathan
  • The Martyr
  • The Nightfather
  • The Steward
  • The Winter King
  • Wytchstone
  • Talismans
  • Rituals
  • Attributes

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