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Burn Bryte


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Unbreakable Binding Net

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Binding nets are magically enhanced manacles placed on the limbs of creatures and used to restrain them. When the manacles are secured, a net made of magical force emits from them and surrounds the creature. As an action, you can apply a binding net to any size 2 or smaller creature who is willing, unconscious, or suffering a significant negative condition to bind them in place. A bound creature cannot move or act under their own power except to speak. The more complex a binding net is, the more difficult it is to break out of, as shown on the Binding Net table. All binding nets come with a key.

Binding Net   Skill Roll Complexity to Break Free
Common 3
Enhanced 4
Master 5
Unbreakable 6


item category
Adventuring Gear
Complexity 6 to Break Free
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