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Kiris are enormous three-eyed, blue-skinned humanoids with bad attitudes. These giants claim they were the rulers of Olaxis before the Omniscients arrived and cursed kiris in order to take their homes. These spells gave kiris short memories and even shorter tempers. No ancient record has confirmed the kiri legend, but the creatures embody the qualities with which they claim they are cursed.

Kiris use their long arms and bulk to crush creatures who anger them. They excel at brawling, so a common kiri survival tactic is to kill creatures (including other kiris) to eat and steal their stuff. As a result, many people show no kindness to kiris and do all they can to avoid them. If a kiri troubles a settlement, adventurers are hired to deal with the creatures. Pirates and other criminal gangs sometimes hire kiris to do their dirty work.

Kiris reside in many different wilderness environments from forests and swamps to underground caves and snowfields. They avoid civilization as their violent ways tend to get them killed. As long as a kiri has shelter and a supply of food, the creature stays put. It is only when the kiri runs out of food or is displaced by a natural disaster or a tougher kiri that they wander into settlements looking for food and treasures to add to their hoards.


[{"Ability":"Darksight", "Description":"The kiri can see in the dark for 24 squares."}, {"Ability":"Multiattack", "Description":"The kiri can attack twice a round"}]
[{"Hit":"Target takes 1 damage.", "Range":"50", "Attack":"Hurl Rock"}, {"Hit":"Target takes 1 damage.", "Range":"3", "Attack":"Slam"}]
challenge level
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