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Burn Bryte


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Peacecraft are organic, sapient mecha outfitted for war who desire peace.


The paxans of the planet Pax discovered the potential of magic and plasma long ahead of the rest of Olaxis during the Isolation Bryte. After this Discovery, the paxans fell into a global war for plasma from which their civilization never recovered. One faction of paxans created peacecraft in the early years of the war as a deterrent. Meant to be piloted by a single paxan, they were the Perfect Combination of magic and technology. More powerful than any armaments previously seen on Pax, fueled by hope, and capable of adapting to the field of Battle seemingly on a whim, it was believed their creation would put an end to the fighting. Then a different faction of paxans successfully built their own peacecraft. Thus began an ever-escalating cycle that ended with the destruction of the paxans.

Peacecraft don’t talk much about the paxans, but their affection for their creators rings clear in all that they do. From the way they hold vigil over the ruined cities of Pax, to their insistence, almost to a one, that they never be used for war again. 


The Paxan War was eons ago, and to most in the galaxy paxans are an odd legend. The Pax System is real enough, but Pax, the home of the peacecraft’s seven Heartcode servers and their secret to immortality, is strictly off limits to all but the peacecraft themselves.

The Species took a collective vow to never create more of their kind, but their immortality allows them to continue their society. The Heartcode servers constantly back up all peacecraft’s consciousness. When a peacecraft’s body is destroyed, a new one is built in Pax, and the being’s consciousness is downloaded into it. Before The Burn Bryte no peacecraft could truly die, but the first to fly into The Burn were wiped from the Heartcode servers, putting a fear of death into the Species. This revelation leads to debate among peacecraft about whether or not they should attempt to build more of their kind.

Peacecraft are firmly anti-war and pro-environmental conservation. Many take on hard diplomatic work and peace talks as neutral parties or volunteer through ARC to Combat the horrors of The Burn.

A constructed Species built without a unifying Culture other than war, many peacecraft absorb the customs of other Species easily and imprint on their found families. Conflict causes many peacecraft anxiety.

Some peacecraft still maintain old wartime factional loyalties that were baked into their coding, though over time the edges of these loyalties have mostly worn into rivalries and the occasional grudge. Others still have warlike urges towards fellow peacecraft, which they work out through a much-beloved tactical sport called allball.

Physical Appearance and Physiology

Individual peacecraft differ hugely in appearance, but most are generally bipedal metal constructs standing between 15 and 30 feet tall. Some are rumored to vastly exceed this median, with the Heartcode server guardians standing at around 300 feet each. 

Many models are humanoid, with two arms with hands ending in five fingers, as well as faces with forward-facing eyes, a nose, a mouth. All have at least one internal cockpit made to house one other creature are liberally outfitted with Weapons. This is where the similarities end, however—each is customized to a specific functionality with Weapons and assistive technology to match. 

There are a set number of peacecraft—around 10,000 total. They are a combination of magic and technology that’s resulted in sapient AI with very distinct, grounded personalities. Many, including the peacecraft themselves, have tried to replicate the technology to no avail. 

Peacecraft Names

Peacecraft often have names that are compound words. Sometimes these names point at aspects of their personalities, but many seem uncommonly bellicose for the usually soft and diplomatic Species, hinting at their bloody origins. Sometimes a bot adds a number after its name that signifies how many different bodies it has inhabited.

Example peacecraft names: Paracosmageddon, Ironfire 6, Jetscream, Diesel Rose, NeoKibou, Leopard Kuro 113, Strike Suit Alpha 9, Redlight 45, Turncoat, Chimaera Grand

Free Abilities

All peacecraft Characters gain the Combine and Reboot Special Abilities for free.

Peacecraft Special Abilities

Ability   Prerequisites   Summary
Flight Boosters - You can fly
Enhanced Boosters Flight Boosters Movement speed increases by 2
Extra Boosters Flight Boosters, Enhanced Boosters Movement speed increases by 2
Space Flight Flight Boosters Survive and move in space
Cloaking Device Flight Boosters, Space Flight Enemy Spaceships cannot detect your presence
Gun Turret - Turn into a Rotating Turret
Advanced Turret Gun Turret Deal 2 damage as a turret
Component Chameleon Gun Turret Become any ship component you already own
Temporary Repair Gun Turret, Component Chameleon Use damaged ship components
Hack In - Hack into any spaceship
Healing Tank - Spend 1 Advantage to restore 1 health level to combined ally
Improved Health - Increase maximum Health Levels by 1
Greater Health Improved Health Increase maximum Health Levels by 1
Incredible Health Improved Health, Greater Health Increase maximum Health Levels by 1
Overcharged Burst - Increase the numerical value of Burst Weapons by 1
Power Cannon - Combined ally ranged Weapons deal 1 Extra Damage
Quick Charging - Decrease the numerical value of Charge Weapons by 1
Scope Shot - Increase the range of ranged Weapons by 10
Synchronized Movement - Move combined ally during Movement actions
Thousand-Year Memory - Gain 1 Advantage at the start of every Combat encounter
Peacecraft Nova Abilities

Ability   Prerequisites   Summary
Deadly Shot - Increase damage with a ranged weapon by 3
Flight Mode Flight Boosters Special Ability Make skill rolls during Movement actions
Mega Combination - Combine with up to four other allies
Mega Turret Gun Turret Special Ability Increase damage done as a turret by 2
Perfect Combination - Share skill dice sizes with combined allies
Quick Healing Healing Tank Special Ability Restore 3 Health Levels and remove minor negative condition from ally
Self-Defense Systems - Deploy a self-defense pod when reduced to 0 Health Levels
Sharing the Reserves - Refill a turret's ammo
Shield Mode - Turn into an impenetrable wall
Ship Combine - Combine with your spaceship
Super Charge - Weapon deals 1 Extra Damage
Sure Shot - Deal damage on miss


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