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Planetary Vehicles

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Cars, jet bikes, boats, and submersibles are just a few of the ways Olaxans get around on the surface of planets, moons, and asteroids.

Planetary Vehicles in Combat

When a planetary vehicle is operated, one creature, who is referred to as the driver, controls it. In combat the driver can use their free movement action or make skill rolls each turn to move the vehicle a number of squares equal to its speed and can make skill rolls to avoid attacks made against the vehicle.

Vehicle Qualities

Each vehicle has at least three qualities (capacity, speed, and health levels) and some have more.


Each vehicle has a capacity that describes the number of size 1 creatures it can hold (including the driver). One size 2 creature counts as four size 1 creatures, and one size 3 creature counts as nine size 1 creatures for determining a vehicle’s capacity.


Each vehicle has a speed that describes the number of squares it can move in a round.

Health Levels

Each vehicle has 3 or more health levels. A vehicle reduced to 0 health levels stops working completely, and a vehicle that takes damage beyond that is completely destroyed.


A vehicle with the Aquatic (Surface) quality can move over a body of water on its surface (like a boat). A vehicle with the Aquatic (Submersible) quality can move anywhere in a body of water, including below its surface (like a submarine). If an aquatic vehicle also has the (Versatile) tag, it can move out of the water.


Creatures inside a vehicle with the Enclosed quality cannot be targeted by physical attacks (such as those made with weapons) or effects outside of the vehicle, except for attacks made with weapons that have the Piercing quality.


A vehicle with the Fly quality can fly.


Vehicles with the Shield quality have shield generators built in them. You can use an action to install a vehicle-grade plasma power cell into the vehicle to give it a shield health level, which lasts for 24 hours or until it is removed by taking damage. Once a shield generator stops producing a shield health level, the plasma power cell within it dies and a new one must be installed for it work again. The vehicle’s Shield quality number equals the maximum number of power cells and shield health levels a vehicle can have.

If a vehicle with the Shield quality takes physical damage while it has a shield health level, first remove any shield health levels before removing normal health levels. If a vehicle is reduced to 0 health levels and still has shield health levels remaining, it suffers the consequences for dropping to 0 health levels as normal.

Inserting a power cell into a shield generator during combat is an action that requires a skill roll.


A vehicle with the Weapons quality has the weapons listed in parenthesis mounted to the vehicle. Any creature riding on the vehicle can activate these weapons, but once a creature uses a vehicle’s weapon, no other creature can use that weapon until the start of the next round of combat.

Vehicle Costs

Vehicle  Qualities  Price
Small BoatCapacity 6, Health Levels 3, Speed 30, Aquatic (Surface)
Large BoatCapacity 30, Health Levels 5, Speed 20, Aquatic (Surface)
CarCapacity 6, Health Levels 4, Speed 30
Armored CarCapacity 6, Health Levels 6, Speed 30, Enclosed
Flying CarCapacity 6, Health Levels 4, Speed 30, Flying
HovercraftCapacity 12, Health Levels 4, Speed 15, Aquatic (Surface, Versatile)
Jet BikeCapacity 1, Health Levels 3, Speed 30, Flying
SubmersibleCapacity 9, Health Levels 4, Speed 20, Aquatic (Submersible)
Assault TankCapacity 12, Health Levels 8, Speed 10, Enclosed, Shield 3, Weapons (three charge rifles plus cannon)
Skirmish TankCapacity 4, Health Levels 6, Speed 10, Enclosed, Shield 2, Weapons (three laser rifles plus cannon)
Vehicle-Grade Plasma Power Cell
Much larger versions of the power cells used in personal shield generators, vehicle-grade cells are octagonal, violet, and used to power the shield found in planetary vehicles.


Boats in Olaxis come in all shapes, types, and sizes from a variety of manufacturers and independent artisans.


Cars in Olaxis come in all shapes and sizes from a variety of manufacturers and independent artisans. Some cars can even fly!


Hovercrafts are large vehicles that can carry a dozen size 1 creatures over water and back onto land without needing to stop. They hover a foot off the surface of land and water.

Jet Bike

Jet bikes are small vehicles that allow a single size 1 creature to soar through the air. Their two wheels also allow for travel on the ground.


Submersibles, or submarines, allow for underwater travel and exploration.


Only government militaries have legal access to tanks. These armored vehicles are mounted with weapons and each has a cannon with the Extra Damage, Range 12, and Slow qualities.


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