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Professions Recreation and Hobbies

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Though existence is coming to an end Olaxans take time to go to work, relax, and pursue Hobbies.

Professional, Recreational, and Hobby Gear Costs

Art Supplies

Art supplies are different sets of tools that allow artist to make their creations. Each set of supplies is outfitted for an artist’s specific craft. The GM has final say about what tools are in a kit.

Item   Price
Fashion Designer Supplies 500
Glassblower's Tools 500
Illustrator's Tools 250
Jeweler's Tools 500
Painter's Supplies 250
Sculptor's Tools 250
Welder's Tools 500
Woodcarver's Tools 250

Athletic Supplies

Those who enjoy physical activity and want to stay fit use athletic supplies. They often include items such as sporting Equipment, weights, mats, or resistance bands.

Item   Price
Contact Sport Supplies
Non-Contact Sport Supplies
Solo Sport Supplies
Basic Target Robot 500
Advanced Target Robot 1,000
Virtual Gym 2,000


Basic cameras take pictures and video and post or stream them to the Complenet through manual functionality. Advanced cameras can fly and respond to telepathic commands given by a person wearing a partnered badge.

Item   Price
Basic Camera 500
Advanced Camera 2,000


Clothing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a galaxy’s worth of fashions. Most Species require cold weather clothing to Survive in freezing climates for long periods of time.

Item   Price
Casual Outfit 50
Cold Weather Outfit 500
Formal Outfit 1,000
Semi-Formal Outfit 500
Survival Outfit 100

Food and Beverage Tools

Though most homes and spacecraft are equipped with magic devices that can make most any dish, there are those who still enjoy cooking and perfecting new recipes.

Item   Price
Baker's Supplies 500
Brewer's Kit 500
Cook's Utensils 500
Distiller's Tools 1,000
Molecular Gastronomist's Tools 1,000
Vintner's Kit 1,000

Gaming Supplies

All manner of games are enjoyed in Olaxis, especially by crews of adventurers on long flights together. Here are the most popular games in the galaxy:

Item   Price
Board Game 200
Card Game 50
Dice Game 50
Tabletop Roleplaying Game 200
Video Game 200

Musical Instruments

With so many cultures in Olaxis the number of musical instruments is nearly infinite. Those powered by magic can be amplified and modified to make different sounds.

Item   Price
Horn 500
Magic Keys 2,000
Traditional Keys 500
Percussion Kit 1,000
Simple Percussion 500
Acoustic Strings 500
Magic Strings 2,000
Woodwind 500


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