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Creating Cultures

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You might find that you wish to add you own culture to Olaxis. This could be a new group of sapients on an uncharted planet, a culture you introduce that’s been part of the greater Olaxis culture for centuries, or an upstart colony recently established. Use the same system players use to develop their characters’ cultures (see “Culture”) to create your own unique cultures around the galaxy.

Random Cultures

Sometimes you need to create a culture on the fly. To generate a random culture, simply roll on the Random Cultures table to get the culture’s borders, diversity, economic status, and population density.

Random Cultures
d81  Culture
1Open, inclusive, wealthy, urban
2Open, inclusive, wealthy, suburban
3Open, inclusive, wealthy, rural
4Open, inclusive, intermediate, urban
5Open, inclusive, intermediate, suburban
6Open, inclusive, intermediate, rural
7Open, inclusive, poor, urban
8Open, inclusive, poor, suburban
9Open, inclusive, poor, rural
10Open, homogeneous, wealthy, urban
11Open, homogeneous, wealthy, suburban
12Open, homogeneous, wealthy, rural
13Open, homogeneous, intermediate, urban
14Open, homogeneous, intermediate, suburban
15Open, homogeneous, intermediate, rural
16Open, homogeneous, poor, urban
17Open, homogeneous, poor, suburban
18Open, homogeneous, poor, rural
19Open, partitioned, wealthy, urban
20Open, partitioned, wealthy, suburban
21Open, partitioned, wealthy, rural
22Open, partitioned, intermediate, urban
23Open, partitioned, intermediate, suburban
24Open, partitioned, intermediate, rural
25Open, partitioned, poor, urban
26Open, partitioned, poor, suburban
27Open, partitioned, poor, rural
28Selective, inclusive, wealthy, urban
29Selective, inclusive, wealthy, suburban
30Selective, inclusive, wealthy, rural
31Selective, inclusive, intermediate, urban
32Selective, inclusive, intermediate, suburban
33Selective, inclusive, intermediate, rural
34Selective, inclusive, poor, urban
35Selective, inclusive, poor, suburban
36Selective, inclusive, poor, rural
37Selective, homogeneous, wealthy, urban
38Selective, homogeneous, wealthy, suburban
39Selective, homogeneous, wealthy, rural
40Selective, homogeneous, intermediate, urban
41Selective, homogeneous, intermediate, suburban
42Selective, homogeneous, intermediate, rural
43Selective, homogeneous, poor, urban
44Selective, homogeneous, poor, suburban
45Selective, homogeneous, poor, rural
46Selective, partitioned, wealthy, urban
47Selective, partitioned, wealthy, suburban
48Selective, partitioned, wealthy, rural
49Selective, partitioned, intermediate, urban
50Selective, partitioned, intermediate, suburban
51Selective, partitioned, intermediate, rural
52Selective, partitioned, poor, urban
53Selective, partitioned, poor, suburban
54Selective, partitioned, poor, rural
55Isolationist, inclusive, wealthy, urban
56Isolationist, inclusive, wealthy, suburban
57Isolationist, inclusive, wealthy, rural
58Isolationist, inclusive, intermediate, urban
59Isolationist, inclusive, intermediate, suburban
60Isolationist, inclusive, intermediate, rural
61Isolationist, inclusive, poor, urban
62Isolationist, inclusive, poor, suburban
63Isolationist, inclusive, poor, rural
64Isolationist, homogeneous, wealthy, urban
65Isolationist, homogeneous, wealthy, suburban
66Isolationist, homogeneous, wealthy, rural
67Isolationist, homogeneous, intermediate, urban
68Isolationist, homogeneous, intermediate, suburban
69Isolationist, homogeneous, intermediate, rural
70Isolationist, homogeneous, poor, urban
71Isolationist, homogeneous, poor, suburban
72Isolationist, homogeneous, poor, rural
73Isolationist, partitioned, wealthy, urban
74Isolationist, partitioned, wealthy, suburban
75Isolationist, partitioned, wealthy, rural
76Isolationist, partitioned, intermediate, urban
77Isolationist, partitioned, intermediate, suburban
78Isolationist, partitioned, intermediate, rural
79Isolationist, partitioned, poor, urban
80Isolationist, partitioned, poor, suburban
81Isolationist, partitioned, poor, rural


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