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Understanding Each Skill

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The eighteen Skills that every character has are the fundamental ways each character interacts with the world. The Skills are broken into three categories (Mental, Social, and Physical), and each category has six Skills. Skills are designed to be intentionally broad and can apply to a wide variety of situations. While the Ranged skill can certainly be used to fire a Laser Pistol, it could also be used to fire a turret on a ship, or quickly draw a ranged weapon to intimidate an enemy.

The guidelines that follow provide examples of what can be done with each skill, but players are actively encouraged to use these Skills in unique and unconventional ways.

Mental Skills

Mental Skills rely on your character’s brainpower to solve problems, take note of your environment, interact with machines, and recall knowledge.

Physical Skills

Physical Skills rely on your character’s strength and coordination to make Attacks, move with grace, and perform athletic feats.

Social Skills

Social Skills rely on your character’s charisma, social awareness, and force of personality to impress others, change minds, and read body Language.


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