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Animal Companion

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Animal Companion

You have a supernatural connection with a loyal animal. You can’t talk to it per se but it always acts as you wish it to. Name your animal companion and choose a species:

Wolf, cougar, bear, eagle, dog, hawk, cat, owl, pigeon, rat, mule

Choose a base:

  • Ferocity +2, Cunning +1, 1 Armor, Instinct +1
  • Ferocity +2, Cunning +2, 0 Armor, Instinct +1
  • Ferocity +1, Cunning +2, 1 Armor, Instinct +1
  • Ferocity +3, Cunning +1, 1 Armor, Instinct +2

Choose as many strengths as its ferocity:

Fast, burly, huge, calm, adaptable, quick reflexes, tireless, Camouflage, ferocious, intimidating, keen senses, stealthy

Your animal companion is trained to fight humanoids. Choose as many additional trainings as its cunning:

Hunt, search, scout, guard, fight Monsters, perform, labor, travel

Choose as many weaknesses as its instinct:

Flighty, savage, slow, broken, frightening, forgetful, stubborn, lame


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