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Grove of Respite

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You conjure a sheltered grove of trees surrounding a shallow spring. The grove appears from nowhere even in the most barren, rocky soil regardless of season, but the spell must be cast outside on open ground.

The area within the grove is temperate and comfortable. The temperature within the grove is 70° F if the ambient temperature is between 0° and 100° F. An ambient temperature below 0° or above 100° lowers or raises the grove's temperature on a 1-degree-for-1 basis. The grove provides no illumination and provides no protection from the elements. The water in the grove's spring is clean and drinkable.

Additionally, the trees provide a variety of ripe fruit, regardless of season, which provides nourishment as if it were a normal meal for a Medium creature for up to eight people. The fruit also cures 1 point of damage when eaten, subject to a maxium of 8 points of such curing in any 24-hour period.

The grove is subtly warded, mentally alerting you whenever any creature enters the area. You note a single mental “ping” that awakens you from normal sleep but does not otherwise disturb concentration. A silence spell has no effect on the alarm.

Once the spell expires, the grove vanishes, including all fruit, water, and other materials from it, although any nourishment or healing gained from its effects remains.


Casting Time
10 minutes
V, S, M/DF (a leaf or blade of grass and a drop of water)
2 hours/level (D)
20-ft.-radius grove
Druid 4, Ranger 4
Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Saving Throw
Conjuration (creation)
Spell Resistance
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