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Gauntlet, Locked

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Gauntlet, Locked: This armored Gauntlet has small chains and braces that allow the wearer to Attach a weapon to the Gauntlet so that it cannot be dropped easily. It provides a +10 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense to keep from being disarmed in combat. Removing a weapon from a locked Gauntlet or attaching a weapon to a locked Gauntlet is a full-round Action that provokes Attacks of Opportunity.

The price given is for a single locked Gauntlet. The weight given applies only if you're wearing a Breastplate, light armor, or no armor. Otherwise, the locked Gauntlet replaces a Gauntlet you already have as part of the armor.

While the Gauntlet is locked, you can't use the hand wearing it for Casting Spells or employing skills. (You can still cast spells with somatic Components, provided that your other hand is free.)

Like a normal Gauntlet, a locked Gauntlet lets you deal lethal Damage rather than nonlethal Damage with an unarmed strike.


Armor Category
8 gp
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