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Scepter of Shibaxet

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Pazuzu's weapon is the Scepter of Shibaxet , a staff of black metal with a large hook at its tip. The scepter functions as a rod of enemy detection that can be used any number of times per day. If Pazuzu presents the scepter as a standard Action, all creatures within 30 feet who view it become panicked for 1d6 rounds unless they succeed at a DC 23 Will save (this is a mind-affecting fear effect). Once per day, Pazuzu can use the Scepter of Shibaxet as a rod of cancellation (this does not deplete or harm the scepter). As a standard Action, he can call the scepter to his hand from any distance, even across planar boundaries. As an immediate Action, Pazuzu can transform the scepter into a +5 anarchic keen unholy Longsword or return it to its normal shape. None of its other powers can be used in sword form.


The Scepter of Shibaxet can be broken by a redeemed demon lord if the regenerating towers of Shibaxet are already destroyed.


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