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Burn Bryte


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Every player character has the ability to spend a Nova point in order to make a callback to their background or previous Adventures. This is an unrestricted Nova ability and can be used at any time. When a player character makes a callback, they spend 1 or more Nova Points in order to bring a character, object, or circumstance they encountered in the past into their current situation, such as having one of their friends from a past adventure appear during a Battle to give assistance. The player should propose what they would like to bring into the scene, and the GM should make the determining factor as to if such an occurrence is possible and how many Nova Points it should cost. As a guideline, require 1 Nova point for a mildly helpful callback (bringing a helpful NPC into a scene); 2 Nova Points for very helpful callback (bringing an NPC who has a new ship and fresh supplies for the player characters); and 3 Nova Points for a deus ex machina callback (a fleet of old friends show up). Some requests might not be possible, such as when a player character wants to bring in an NPC who is, unbeknownst to them, now dead. The callback should be approved or denied by the GM before any Nova Points are spent.


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