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Burn Bryte


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Nova Points

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Nova Points are powerful resources player characters can spend to activate their strongest abilities, called Nova Abilities.

Quick Mechanical Reference for Nova Points

  • A player character earns 1 Nova point every time they get a check mark in all die size category checkboxes (d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12).
  • A player character gets a check mark in a category any time they make a skill roll with a skill of the die size of a given category, whether the roll succeeds or fails.
  • Once a player character gains a Nova point, all check marks are removed.
  • Player characters cannot gain more than one check mark at a time in a single die size category.
  • Player characters can store multiple Nova Points, but they cannot gain more than the their spaceship’s Livability Rating.

Understanding Nova Points

Nova Points are a special resource available only to player characters. They represent an individual’s drive to push back against The Burn. As a player character performs different tasks, they build up energy, which can be released in bursts to achieve great things, typically activating Nova Abilities. Every player character starts with at least two Nova Abilities and gets more as they advance. You can also spend Nova Points to pull aspects or characters from past stories into a scene.

Generating Nova Points

Each time you use a skill, you gain a check mark on your Character Sheet in the corresponding die size box. Once all of the boxes are checked, you gain 1 Nova point then the checkboxes are emptied.

Any time you use a skill with a die size equal to that of a checkbox you have unchecked, you get a check mark. You earn a check mark even if your skill roll fails.

You can only have one check mark per box while earning a Nova point, even if you make another roll that would otherwise qualify.

You can track your use of Skills using the checkboxes on your Character Sheet. When you add a Nova point to your sheet, be sure to uncheck all the boxes, so you can start generating another.

A player character can have as many Nova Points as equals their spaceship’s Livability Rating. The points remain until they are used, no matter when they were generated.

Modified Skill Rolls

Player characters sometimes make Skills rolls with modified dice. Special Abilities, Nova Abilities, or NPC abilities could result in a player rolling a different die size than what their skill normally is. For the purpose of tracking check marks and gaining Nova Points, the character always gains a check mark in the box of the unmodified die size of the skill they are using.

Spending Nova Points

When a player character has 1 or more Nova Points, they can be spent to activate Nova Abilities or to control the narrative. Some Nova Abilities require an action to be used, others have activation Conditions that must be met, and some can be used at any time. Below is a breakdown of when you can use Nova Abilities.

  • Actions. If a Nova ability requires you to make one or more skill rolls upon activation, that means the player must first spend the Nova point, then make a skill roll as part of an action. Nova Abilities that require an action can only be used on the player’s turn and follow all the normal rules for taking actions and making skill rolls (unless the ability specifies otherwise).
  • Activated. If a Nova ability says “You can spend 1 Nova point when…” that means the Nova ability can only be activated during those specific circumstances. If those circumstances are met, a player character can spend a Nova point and use the ability even if it is not currently their turn. Example: “You can spend 1 Nova point when you have 0 Health Levels to…”
  • Unrestricted. If a Nova ability does not require an action and does not require certain circumstances to be activated, that ability can be used at any time, even what it is not the player character’s turn.

Players should adjust their Character Sheet by first reducing their total current Nova Points by the number being spent for the ability then apply any effects. If the ability fails because of a skill roll or because of another player character or NPC ability, the Nova Points are still spent.


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