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Burn Bryte


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Character Advancement

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As your character journeys through the game’s story, the trials they overcome help them gain abilities and enhance their Skills.

Story Path Events

A character’s advancement is represented by the Story Paths they choose and complete. Each time your character completes a new Story Path event, they gain abilities or skill enhancements that you should record on their Character Sheet. Each Story Path’s specific events and Rewards are discussed in its respective entry.

You can only have one Story Path in progress at a time, and in many cases you must complete a Story Path’s events in the order the path presents them. In most cases you can complete the same Story Path more than once. For more information, see “Story Paths.”

In general, you can only complete one story event per Session, and you likely will not complete one every single Session of play. GMs can lift this restriction for particularly long or important sessions as they see fit.

Skill Die Size Increases

When a Story Path allows you to increase the die size of one of your Skills, you must always have at least one skill die of every die size. You can’t upgrade a skill if it’s the only one with that die size. For instance, if a player wants to upgrade the die size of their d6 Stealth skill but has no other d6 Skills, they must first upgrade another skill from a d4 to a d6 then upgrade their Stealth skill.

Starting with Completed Story Paths

Your group may decide to start a game as more powerful heroes and already have a Story Path or three completed. If this is the case, build your character as normal then add the advancements of your completed Story Paths. It helps your character’s narrative and characterization if you know the details of how each completed Story Path event played out.


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