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Burn Bryte


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Enemies Move and Resolve Actions (Phase 3)

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After the characters have completed their actions, all remaining enemies can move their Movement speeds and resolve the actions they declared in Phase 1 of the Combat round. Any enemies that were reduced to 0 Health Levels during Phase 2 do not complete the actions they declared. Any Attacks that target a character who is no longer in the attack’s range or that were countered by an Active Defense skill roll miss. Enemies can move before and after their actions resolve, but their total Movement cannot exceed their speed.

The enemies take their Movement actions, inflict damage and/or effects from their Attacks, and other actions they declared in Phase 1 are resolved. 

Example: The GM declares a Pirate Grunt shoots his Laser Pistol at Furo during Phase 1. During Furo’s turn in Phase 2 he must either move out of the rage of the attack, or he (or another player character) must succeed on an Active Defense skill roll to avoid the attack or take the grunt out of the fight. If Furo does not do either (or if the Active Defense skill rolls fail), he is hit by the attack in Phase 3.


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