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Burn Bryte


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A Ror-nan fires a Laser Pistol at an oncoming ino Assassin, hitting the charging figure in the shoulder with a sharp sizzle. Two kith’uks slam their opposing laser swords together, clicking their mandibles as each tries to find purchase. An ulran knocks over a shelf of books, distracting space pirate foes and creating an advantage for her teammates.

Combat occurs whenever other creatures intend to physically harm the player characters and vice versa. This section covers direct Combat between the player characters and NPCs. When the player characters get into a ship-based Combat encounter, the mechanics are similar, but there are a few important additional rules. Refer to the Spaceship Combat entry for detailed rules on how that style of Combat is handled

Combat Quick Mechanical Reference

  • Combat occurs in rounds, and each round has three phases. The phases are as follows:
    1.    Enemies declare actions.
    2.    Players take actions.
    3.    Enemies move and their actions resolve.
  • Most of the time when a player character takes an action in Combat, they make a skill roll. The complexity of the roll is based on the order in which they took the action.
  • The first action has a complexity of 2.
  • The second action has a complexity of 3.
  • The third action has a complexity of 4.
  • And so on…
  • Player characters can move their Movement speed once each turn without making a skill roll. They can gain additional Movement by taking an action to make a skill roll.
  • When a player character fails a roll, their action fails, their turn ends, and the GM either gains 1 Collapse point or gives a failure consequence. 
  • If a player character has 0 Health Levels, they cannot take actions.
  • Every time a player character is reduced to 0 Health Levels, they gain the least severe condition they do not already have. If a player character has a minor, moderate, and significant condition and is reduced to 0 Health Levels, they die.


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