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Burn Bryte


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Installing Modules

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When your ship is safely docked on a celestial body or space station with the proper personnel, various ship Modules can be added. Note that all sizes are measured in squares.

Module   Size   Cost
Currency Node 1x1 30,000 Argent
Cryo-Chamber 2x2 5,000 Argent
Digital Sector Controls 1x1 5,000 Argent
Emergency Booster 1x1 10,000 Argent
Escort Fighter 2x3 50,000 Argent
Fire Suppression 1x1 5,000 Argent
Healing Bay 1x2 10,000 Argent
Hull Gunk 1x1 5,000 Argent
Lounge 2x2 5,000 Argent
MI Defenses 1x1 10,000 Argent
MI Grounder 1x1 25,000 Argent
MI Jack 1x1 5,000 Argent
MI Power Expander 1x1 15,000 Argent
Pilot Controls 1x1 5,000 Argent
Shield Generator 1x1 5,000 Argent
Smuggling Chamber 1x1 5,000 Argent
Turret Command Station 2x2 20,000 Argent

Combat Modules

The following Modules enhance a ship’s Combat capabilities and attack enemy vessels. Each has a range, targeting radius, and damage listed.

Module   Size   Cost   Range   Targeting Radius   Damage
Anchor Gun 1x1 50,000 Argent near crescent none
Boarding Tube 1x2 20,000 Argent near fixed none
Fixed Turret 1x2 15,000 Argent near and far fixed 2
Heavy Cannon 1x2 50,000 Argent near and far crescent 2
Heavy Missile Turret 2x2 50,000 Argent near full 2
Heavy Power Turret 2x3 200,000 Argent near and far fixed
Long-Range Cannon 1x1 15,000 Argent far crescent 1
Long-Range Missile Turret 1x1 40,000 Argent far full 2
Missile Turret 1x1 40,000 Argent near full 2
Particle Cannon 1x2 100,000 Argent near and far crescent 4
Pivot Turret 1x1 15,000 Argent near crescent 1
Rotating Turret 2x2 30,000 Argent near full 1
Soul Cannon 2x2 40,000 Argent near and far full 3


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