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Burn Bryte


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Laser Beast

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When The Burn first appeared, countless experiments were conducted to determine what might stop the phenomenon, including firing all manner of Weapons into The Burn. As some lasers neared The Burn, they slowed, changed, expanded, and took on a life of their own. These laser beasts now roam space with an appetite to destroy everything in their path. Lasers beasts are drawn to settlements and spacecraft that put out a lot of artificial light. It’s unclear what benefit they get, if any, from basking in the stuff, but cities that don’t sleep and ships traveling the darkness of space should be prepared to deal with laser beasts.


[{"Ability":"Formless", "Description":"The laser beast has no set form and can squeeze through any 1-square-inch or larger opening."}, {"Ability":"Flyer", "Description":"The laser beast can fly. All of its movement actions ignore terrain effects."}, {"Ability":"Darksight", "Description":"The laser beast can see in the dark for 60 squares."}, {"Ability":"Laser Immune", "Description":"Laser weapons cannot harm the laser beast."}, {"Ability":"Multiattack", "Description":"The laser beast can attack twice a round."}, {"Ability":"Space Survivor", "Description":"The laser beast can survive in space and doesn't need to breathe. During ship combat the laser beast\u2019s speed is 1 zone."}, {"Ability":"Sustained", "Description":"The laser beast does not need to eat or drink."}, {"Ability":"Toxin Immune", "Description":"Poisons and other toxins cannot deal damage to the laser beast or impose negative conditions on them."}]
[{"Hit":"Target takes 1 damage.", "Type":"Physical", "Range":"50", "Attack":"Laser Hurl"}]
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