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Burn Bryte


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Sometimes the best defense is a good Laser Pistol. For the heroes of Olaxis weapons are necessary tools, though some only use them as a last resort.

Improvised Weapons and Unarmed Attacks

A character is free to make unarmed Attacks and use improvised weapons in Combat. The downside of using these weapons is they usually have no qualities, unless the GM decides otherwise or you have an ability that changes this ruling. You can use an improvised weapon to make a ranged attack, provided your target is in within 5 squares of you when the attack is made.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are used in hand-to-hand Combat and often use the Melee Skill to attack and defend. Melee weapons without the ranged quality can be hurled to make ranged Attacks, provided your target is within 5 squares of you when the attack is made.

Melee Weapon Cost
Item   Qualities   Price
Charge Baton Charge 5 1,500
Charge Staff Charge 4 2,000
Charge-chaku Charge 3 2,500
Vampire Knuckles Concealable, Draining 1,000
Knife Concealable, Range 10 50
Laser Sword Piercing 2,000
Sonic Caber Extra Damage, Slow 1,500

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons can be fired, launched, or thrown at enemies. These weapons often use the Ranged Skill to attack.

Ranged Weapon Costs
Item   Qualities   Price
Breach Bomb Burst 2, Consumable, Range 10 50
Charge Cannon Charge 3, Range 10 3,000
Charge Pistol Charge 5, Range 20 2,000
Charge Rifle Charge 4, Range 30 2,500
Conflagration Grenade Burst 4, Consumable, Range 10 800
Grenade Burst 3, Consumable, Range 10 200
Laser Pistol Range 30 500
Laser Rifle Range 40 600
Laser Sniper Rifle Extra Damage, Piercing, Range 80, Slow 3,000
Pocket Pistol Concealable, Range 10 400
Vampire Rifle Draining, Range 60 1,500


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