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Burn Bryte


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Life in Olaxis

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Every person in Olaxis has their daily routine impacted by the impending end of the universe. Some struggle for survival in a world where most lookout for their kith and kin and no one else. In the most desperate cases people turn to crime to live. Many with power cling to their positions, mining and hoarding every resource they can.

The galaxy is not without benevolent souls who risk it all to save the downtrodden. Some, like politicians, activists, diplomats, and business leaders, work within the laws and customs of different worlds to get the job done. Others, like freedom fighters, mercenaries, and adventurers, make their own rules. There are scientists who stop at nothing to find a way to end and reverse the effects of The Burn. Heroes put themselves on the line to evacuate others in the path of the unstoppable phenomenon.

Much of a person’s day-to-day in Olaxis depends on where exactly they are in the galaxy. Magic, different governments, and proximity to The Burn affect the lives of people in different ways

The Galactic Calendar

Planets move around the sun at various speeds, meaning a true year in one system differs from a year in another. What about those who live on moons, asteroids, and spacecraft? How do they mark the passage of time?

After much Negotiating the Olaxis Council of Planets compromised on the Olaxis Galactic Calendar, which standardized the calendar using the standard number of days in a year on the ulran planet of Marthong, the standard kithu’uk number of Months in year, and the standard glean number of hours in a day. The result was a calendar with 364 days a year, 13 Months, and 24-hour days.

Each 28-day month is divided into four 7-day weeks and has its own name: Moja, Mbili, Tatu, Nen, Tano, Sita, Saba, Nane, Tisa, Kumi, Kunye, Rebili, and Athu. The Days of the Week are named Aon, Dha, Tri, Ceithir, Coig, Sia, and Sesa.

While most people use The Galactic Calendar, individual planets may still have a celebration when they complete a revolution around a star. Many have also adapted their old holidays to the Olaxis Galactic Calendar for ease, since the people celebrating could be scattered across the galaxy.


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