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Burn Bryte


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Special Abilities

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A Little Less Hurt
Adopt Intent
Adopt Nature
Advanced Turret
Advantaged Position
All the Amenities
Always Aware
Anything for You
Aquatic Raft
Argent Farmer
Argent Sense
Avenge the Fallen
Back-to-Back Fighting
Been Through Worse
Best Friends
Bodies of My Comrades
Brain Bond
Champion of the Downtrodden
Change Form
Charming Form
Cloaking Device
Come With Me
Component Chameleon
Concealed in Flesh
Courage to Energy
Cover Identity
Cries of My Comrades
Crystal Rejuvenation
Danger Response
Defense Position
Defense Shared
Defensive Net
Determined to Win
Devour Metal
Do It My Way
Dual Strike
Early Reaction
Echo Blast
Edge in the Dark
Electric Sense
Enduring Spirit
Energy to Health
Enhanced Boosters
Expert Bargainer
Expert Thief
Extend Reaction
Extended Reach
Extra Boosters
Family Camaraderie
Fear the Fearful
Feed on Courage
Feed on Nova
Fit Right In
Flight Boosters
Flow of Energy
Fluid Movement
Frequent Buyer
Friend in Space
Friend of Science
Full Assistance
Gel Body
Get the Drop
Greater Health
Gun Turret
Hack In
Hard Reputation
Hardened Spirit
Healing Aura
Healing Implant
Healing Tank
Heavy Hit
Home Field Advantage
I Am What I Am
I Know About That
I'll Cover You
Implant Connection
Improved Health
Incredible Health
Inhabit Corpse
Inner Glow
Ino Aid

Ino Network
Instill Courage
Into the Net
Killer Advantage
Locked Down
Long Growth
Loved and Lost
Master Investigator
Master Mimic
Mending Implant
MI Bond
MI Combat
MI Connection
MI Empath
MI Jack Implant
MI Lethal Combat
Mind Shards
Modified Movement
Move Fast, Stay Alive
Muscle Bond
Natural Liar
Natural Pilot
Natural Shooter
Natural Sneak
Natural Thief
New Place like Home
Not the Obvious Lesson
Nova Power Source
Nova Recycle
One with Argent
One with the Ship
Opportunity from Advantage
Overcharged Burst
Pain Block
Persistent Manipulation
Power Cannon
Pressing the Advantage
Psychic Interference
Psychic Targeting
Pushing the Engines
Quick Charging
Quick Jack
Quick Maneuvers
Radiant Friendliness
Reflex Defense
Relatable Criminal
Resist the Collapse
Reuse, Recycle
Scope Shot
Second Friend
Shard Body
Shared Space
Sharing is Caring
Sharing Power
Sharpened Arms
Skill Monkey
Smooth Talker
Soothing Spores
Soul Implant
Space Flight
Spreading the Bodies
Stealth Hurts
Stolen Pain
Strength of Spirit
Strong Glow
Stunning Hit
Superior Health
Swarming Speed
Synchronized Movement
Syphon Power
Take the Pain
Temporary Repair
Thickened Shell
Thousand-Year Memory
Toxin Immune
True Friend
Ultimate Power
Using the Scraps
Vengeful Strike
Vertical Movement
Weapon Expertise
Will to Live
Work of Art


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