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Burn Bryte


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You begin a romantic relationship that can be of any nature you choose. The number of other people in the relationship and their sexuality is determined by you. This Story Path represents a romantic relationship that has a significant impact on your life. The Love Story Path is meant for player characters to explore romances with NPCs. However, two or more player characters can embark on this path at the same time and be in a romantic relationship with each other, as long as all parties consent and agree to continue working together after the Story Path is done. Even if all parties consent, you should check with the other players and GM at your table before embarking on a drama-filled love story in a crowded spacecraft. While the 1st event must be the first completed and the 5th must be the last, the other three events can be completed in any order.

1st Event: Love Connection

Completion: You complete this event after you meet with one or more potential romantic partner(s) and all parties realize and acknowledge there is a romantic connection. This could happen anywhere you might meet another person from blowing off steam at the bar to a battlefield to a digital meeting in cyberspace. It need not be your first time meeting the potential partner(s), but it should be the first time you acknowledge seeing each other as potential romantic partners. The end of this meeting results in all parties agreeing to pursue a romantic relationship.

Reward: Increase the die size of your Decorum, Empathy, or Suavity skill by 1.

2nd, 3rd, or 4th Event: See Who We Really Are

Completion: You complete this event after your romantic partner(s) and you show each other a side of yourselves you only reveal to your closest friends (or have never revealed to anyone). This might be a secret, a hobby, a vulnerability, a taboo preference, or a more guarded part of your personality.

Reward: Select one special ability from your Species.

2nd, 3rd, or 4th Event: Confront Differences

Completion: You complete this event after you have a discussion or dispute of significance with your romantic partner(s). This conversation should be over a difference you have with your partner(s) that could be philosophical, cultural, or a simple preference that could create trouble in your relationship if unaddressed. The topic of the dispute could be something that comes up suddenly or an issue all parties ignored until it became a sticking point. This conversation could resolve the issue and deepen your relationship or end in disagreement and leave lingering questions.

Reward: Increase the die size of one of your Social Skills by 1.

2nd, 3rd, or 4th Event: Do Your Own Thing

Completion: You spend some time away from your romantic partner(s) reflecting on or talking with others about the relationship. To complete this event you must come to a point of realization about what your romantic relationship means to you and what, if any, changes you’d like to see in your romance. This realization could come while having a night out with friends, talking to a trusted confidant outside the relationship, working on a hobby, taking alone time to reflect, or finding some other way to dedicate time to think about your romance.

Reward: Increase the die size of one of your Mental or Physical Skills by 1.

5th Event: Commitment

Completion: You must have a conversation with your romantic partner(s) wherein you come to a decision about the ultimate fate of your relationship. Will your relationship last for the foreseeable future, or is it time for the romance to come to an end? You complete this event once you have all come to a decision.

Reward if you stay together: Select one special ability from your Species.

Reward if you end the relationship: Gain the Loved and Lost special ability. Whenever you make a Social skill roll to influence a non-hostile creature who could be romantically interested in you, the complexity of the skill roll decreases by 1 (to a minimum of 2). If you complete this Story Path a second or greater time and your relationship ends again, select one special ability from your Species.


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