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Burn Bryte


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There are eight playable Species. Your character can be a Driftling, Glean, Ino, Kith'uk, Peacecraft, Ror-nan, Ulran, or Zivoy.

Species Cultures and Attitudes

The description of each Species provides a general overview of that people’s Culture and attitude. While these identities are often associated with each Species, Olaxis is a vast galaxy filled with other cultures and attitudes beyond what is described in these pages. It is very common to find members of a Species who do not fit their descriptions in these entries, and you should feel free to create a character who does likewise.

Species Abilities

Species-specific Special Abilities and Nova Abilities are selected during Character Creation and after accomplishing specific Story Path Events. During Character Creation, every player character selects at least two Nova Abilities and one special ability and gains a free ability from their Species. If an ability is marked as a basic ability, it can be selected without prerequisites. Others require prerequisite abilities be taken first. For instance, a kith’uk character cannot take the Avenge the Fallen special ability without first taking Take the Pain.

Unless an ability specifies otherwise in its description, each can only be taken once. When a player character uses an ability that requires them to “touch a creature,” they can choose themselves as the creature they touch.

Each Species grants a Nova ability or special ability for free. This ability is gained by all characters of the Species during Character Creation and does not count as one of the abilities gained by the character’s Culture.


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