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Burn Bryte


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You set out to solve a Mystery. This puzzle should pertain to answering a question like, “Who murdered the Bahiri Overguild boss?” or “What does this stone tablet written in a forgotten Language say?” For money, curiosity, justice, or other reasons you are compelled to answer this question, but it won’t be easy. This Story Path is for people who want to roleplay investigators trying to solve a puzzle. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th events of this Story Path are the same event. You must complete the event three times before moving on to the 5th event.

1st Event: The Question

Completion: You complete this event when you decide to dedicate your time to solving the Mystery. You might agree to take on this task at the behest of a patron, client, loved one, or someone blackmailing you, or even of your own volition.

Reward: Select one Nova ability from your Species.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th Event: Clues

Completion: You complete this event when you find a clue that gets you closer to the answer of your question. This could be a tangible piece of evidence or the testimony of a witness or expert that helps you begin to put the pieces together.

Reward: If you obtained a material clue, increase the die size of one of your Mental Skills by 1. If you obtained a testimonial clue, increase the die size of one of your Social Skills by 1.

5th Event: The Answer

Completion: Did you solve your mystery? Was your answer correct, or did you get it wrong, and are you left with that question burning? You complete this event when you put forth an answer to your question and find out if that answer is correct or not.

Reward if you solved the mystery: Gain the Master Investigator special ability. Once per day when you are faced with a puzzle, you can ask the GM one of the following questions, which they must answer honestly (though not completely):

  • What can I see, hear, smell, touch, or taste that will help me solve this puzzle?
  • What detail have I overlooked?
  • Who can help me solve this puzzle?

If you complete this Story Path a second or greater time and you solve the Mystery again, select one special ability from your Species.

Reward if you did not solve the mystery: Select one special ability from your Species.


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