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Burn Bryte


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Thicker than Water

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You are estranged from your family or a group of friends so close they were like family, or a friend or family is estranged from you and yours. Whatever the case, this person or people are interested in reconnecting with you and you all decide to give the relationship another chance. This Story Path is for people who want to explore an estranged relationship and see if they can reconcile differences.

1st Event: Familial Contact

Completion: You complete this event after the estranged party or you reach out with a request to reconnect and the other accepts the offer. You should know the time and place of your meeting, which can be in-person or on the Complenet.

Reward: Select one special ability from your Species.

2nd Event: Reunion

Completion: You complete this event after you have your initial meeting with the other party. This is all about just making first contact. There might be some catching up and apologizing, but there’s still more to be said. You set up another meeting after this one.

Reward: Increase the die size of one of your Social Skills by 1.

3rd Event: Dig into the Past

Completion: You complete this event after you dig into your family or family member’s past before your next meeting with them. What were they doing in the time that you lost contact? You should uncover at least one fact that surprises you or complicates your situation with them.

Reward: Increase the die size of your Computers, Deception, Empathy, Skullduggery, Streetwise, or Suavity skill by 1.

4th Event: Hash it Out

Completion: Armed with new information you meet with the other party again to work out your old differences. You have a conversation that covers your past and should begin to answer questions about your future relationship. You complete this event after you have this conversation.

Reward: Increase the die size of one of your Social Skills by 1.

5th Event: Part of the Family

Completion: Is your family getting back together, or is it better to stay apart? You complete this event after you make a decision and communicate it in some way.

Reward if your family gets back together: Gain the Blood is Thicker Nova ability. You can spend 1 Nova point when you have a way to communicate to a family member to have them stop whatever they are doing and come pick your friends and you up and drop you off wherever you want to go, No Questions Asked. It takes your family member 1d10 days to get to you if they are not nearby. If you complete this Story Path a second or greater time and your family gets back together again, select one Nova ability from your Species.

Reward if you decide to stay apart: Select one Nova ability from your Species.


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