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Allied NPCs in Combat

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There are times player characters fight alongside NPCs with common goals. The rules for an NPC allied with the player characters change from a creature fighting against the player characters in the following ways:

  • Allied NPCs act during Phase 2 as if they were one of the player characters. The NPC may move their speed and take only one action that would normally require a skill roll from a player character, such as attacking. The NPC makes a complexity 2 skill roll Using a Skill. You can use the NPC’s stat block and the NPC Skill Die Size table in “Skills” to determine which dice to use.
  • The allied NPC cannot use Collapse Points. Instead the NPC can spend Advantages in place of the Collapse Points with the permission of all the players to activate an ability that normally requires Collapse Points or to take an extra action on their turn. If this extra action requires a skill roll, it has a complexity equal to 2 plus the number of actions the NPC has already taken this turn.
  • When an allied NPC fails a skill roll, they suffer the Consequences of failure as normal, or the GM can instead choose to gain 1 Collapse point.
  • GMs are encouraged to allow players to control allied NPCs in Combat.


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