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Player characters can use Advantages as part of a requirement for some Special Abilities, or they can use them to re-roll any one die that was rolled in a failed skill roll. If after that die is rerolled there are no longer any doubles, the skill succeeds. Players can spend multiple Advantages on a single roll if they choose, and can spend multiple Advantages in succession on the same skill roll if the roll continues to fail. The only limit to Advantages is that the player characters can bank a maximum number of Advantages equal to their ship’s Livability Rating.

Example: Dalmack makes a Ranged skill roll at complexity 4 and rolls 4d8. The result is an 8, 5, 5, and 1. Dalmack spends an Advantage to reroll a 5. When the 5 is rerolled, it comes up as an 8. The roll still has doubles, so it is still a failure. Dalmack really wants to succeed, so they spend another Advantage and reroll an 8. The result is a 2. Now there are no doubles, so the roll becomes a success.

Advantages can only be gained and used during Combat encounters. At the start of a Combat encounter the players have 0, and any left unspent are lost when the Combat encounter ends.

Tracking Advantages

You can add a custom item in the Roll20 Turn Tracker to keep track of Advantages.


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