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Med Kit

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Med kits include syringes, scalpels, bandages, medicine, therapy workbooks, and more. Making a skill roll to restore a health level requires a Med Kit (unless the creature has a special or Nova ability that allows them to make the check without the kit).

In general it is a complexity 2 Medicine skill roll to restore 1 health level to an injured creature who still has Health Levels greater than 0 outside of Combat, though you might be able to use another skill at the GM’s discretion. For instance, many GMs allow the Engineering skill to be used to heal battle-damaged Peacecraft, or the Empathy skill to heal an ally who has suffered emotional trauma. Failing a skill roll to heal a creature often results in further injury either in the form of more lost Health Levels or applied negative Conditions.

You can heal yourself, but doing so increases the complexity of the skill roll by 1 (normally a complexity 3 skill roll outside of combat).

Each Med Kit has 10 uses before it is exhausted and cannot be used anymore. Each time you use a Med Kit to successfully restore a health level, you expend one use.


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