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Burn Bryte


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Religions and Philosophies

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Olaxis is a place of many religions and ways of thinking. As the galaxy gets wiped from existence, many abandon more generous ways of thinking for self-serving principles. There are some religions that take advantage of this mindset, while other practices teach people to help one another even in the face of the universe’s end.

The Daylight

The Daylight are a religious cult that worships The Burn. It was started by the glean Tilde Mere when she claimed to hear a voice telling her to pray to The Burn. After Months of resisting Tilde began doing so and received extraordinary powers. She could touch fire unharmed and create flame with a thought. Tilde claims The Burn told her to sacrifice the unworthy, criminals and immoral individuals, and as she did, her power grew.

Tilde began preaching on the Complenet and founded The Daylight, which espouses Goulmock, a vengeful deity living in The Burn who brought the phenomenon to immolate the wicked and create a better world for the righteous. Many joined the cause and gained similar powers after claiming to hear the voice of Goulmock. The religion is outlawed in most Systems, so many worship in secret. The Daylight’s most righteous soldiers scour the galaxy for evil folks to burn alive and sacrifice to Goulmock, though their definition of “evil” is somewhat flexible.


Nolo is a polytheistic kith’uk religion that has spread throughout the galaxy, now counting millions of followers, or Nollists, among its ranks. A relaxed religion, Nolo can be practiced at home. The religion’s clergy teach people to learn from the past, live in the present, and embrace their destiny in the future. Though the religion believes some events in the future are preordained, people always have the power over their own actions in the present and can learn from the past. Nollists go with the flow of the universe and seize their destiny when the moment is right. With the arrival of The Burn many have left the religion because they feel powerless in the face of the phenomenon, especially after The Burn took their leader, an ancient kith’uk called the Oracle who claimed to hear the voice of Talla.

Nolo has three deities: Faza, goddess of the past; Allut, god of the present; and Talla, the mysterious, genderless deity of the future.


Simulationists believe the universe and existence is a simulation being run on the machine of a higher being, and The Burn is that simulation coming to an end. This philosophy was put forth on the Complenet by an anonymous figure, who goes by the name Nahale, but caught on with many people, as it gives The Burn meaning and answers its Mystery.

There are three sects of Simulationists. The first are reactive Simulationists, who react to The Burn with panic and a desire to push the phenomenon back. They believe the higher being running the simulation wants to see how the universe reacts to The Burn and attempt to send messages to the being to reverse the phenomenon’s advance.

The second sect are staunch Simulationists. They do not wish to ruin the higher being’s data, so they try to continue their lives as if The Burn isn’t happening at all. These Simulationists believe the higher being is far smarter than any mind in their universe and that they should trust the being’s plan.

The third sect are erratic Simulationists who believe if existence is a simulation, it has no meaning. These people do as they please, leaving jobs, families, and responsibilities behind. While many still respect the other individuals that exist in the simulation with them, there are a few violent members who care for nothing and no one.


Zealism is a glean philosophy so old that no one can name its founder. Gleans were short-lived before the development of their Reliquaries, and Zealism taught them to embrace life’s every moment. This philosophy that encourages people to be open with their feelings and direct with what they want caught on as gleans began to Travel to other parts of Olaxis.

Zealists don’t do much in moderation. They are passionate and honest in all emotions and encourage the same of others, letting their desires drive them when they strike. Followers of the philosophy are known to Travel across the galaxy for food cravings or to see a long lost friend on a whim. When a Zealist feels negative emotions, they indulge those feelings as well, coming after those who upset them with the same vigor.


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