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Burn Bryte


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Travel across Olaxis takes time, but not necessarily much attention. An MI can fly a ship on a predetermined flight path all on its own, leaving the crew free to rest and pursue Story Path Events or do other activities in their Downtime. Distance traveled is measured in squares on the Olaxis map. Use the Ruler tool in Roll20 to measure the number of squares you have to Travel to get to a given destination. Every square is 1 day of standard Travel.


Between Adventures and while traveling on the spaceship from place to place, adventurers have free time to rest, converse, and achieve personal Story Path goals. For instance, a character with the Student Story Path studies their subject and a character with the Create Masterpiece Story Path works on their art. If your character has such an event that can be completed during Downtime, let your GM know how you accomplish that event during this time.


Once every 24 hours the player characters can gain the benefit of an 8-hour rest. During this time the player characters eat, sleep, and recuperate. As long as this time period isn’t interrupted by any strenuous activity, such as Combat, their Health Levels are restored to maximum.


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