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Burn Bryte


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Safety Deck

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Every game in Roll20 with a Burn Bryte character sheet comes with a deck of infinite cards that allows players to inform the GM and each other when they feel safe or unsafe during a game.

Gaming is for everyone, and the number one goal of Burn Bryte is for the people playing the game to have fun. In Burn Bryte and many roleplaying games narratives allow the players to take the game to places that may make the people involved feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Some topics, like sexual violence, are obvious problem areas, while others, like dealing with grief, may be less expected. Every player brings different life experience to the game. There's no telling what might make another person unsafe. You should respect the safety of others, and they are expected to respect your safety.

The Safety Deck makes communication about questionable topics easy and anonymous between players and the GM. Each deck has an unlimited number of three different cards. Remind your GM to put this deck out at the beginning of the game if they do not on their own. Everyone should draw at least one type of each card at the beginning of a Session and the GM should leave the deck available during play.

No Questions Asked

When a person places a card on the table, the group should pay attention and follow the rules of the card without asking who placed the card or why the card was placed. If the person who placed the card wishes to explain why they did so, that is their prerogative, but there is no obligation or expectation to do so. You owe no explanation to the group when you place a card on the table. The goal of the Safety Deck is to keep the game safe for everyone, and going into detail about why a particular subject makes a person feel unsafe could be just as terrible for an individual as living the experience through a game. When a card is placed, follow its rules and move on.

Keep Going Card

The Keep Going Card is green and an indicator to others that you are currently enjoying the content that's occurring. You don't need to play this card every time you're having fun or at all. This card is meant to be played when your game gets into a topic that could make others feel unsafe. It is a way to check in with everyone and say, "I'm feeling good, let's keep going with this topic." If someone else drops this card on the table and no one else drops a Slow Down or Stop Card, you can keep going and even dive deeper into the content you're covering.

Slow Down Card

The Slow Down Card is yellow and an indicator to others that you are fine with current content of the game, but going further with the description or detail would make you uncomfortable or unsafe. Play this card as a heads up to your fellow players that you don't want them to get more descriptive about a specific topic. If someone else drops this card on the table, respect your fellow player, consider pulling back some of your description or discussion of your current content, and move on from the scene as quickly as possible without asking any questions of the other players.

Stop Card

The Stop Card is red and is an indicator to others that you feel uncomfortable or unsafe and want the current content of the game to end. When this card is played, all players should immediately end the scene and move on without asking any questions of the other players.


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