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Weapon Qualities

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Every weapon has one or more qualities that enhance its attack. Weapon Qualities are described in this section.


Weapons with the Burst quality attack all creatures within a certain number of squares. To determine which creatures are affected by the attack, pick a square within the weapon’s range to be the origin. All creatures within a number of squares equal to the weapon’s Burst rating of the origin are attacked. For example, if a weapon has the Burst 4 quality, all creatures within 4 squares of the origin are attacked. When you use a Burst weapon, make one skill roll no matter how many creatures are in the area. If it succeeds, you hit your enemies in the area. If it fails, you suffer the normal results of a failed skill roll.


Weapons with the Charge quality use magic to siphon off excess energy of their wielders to deal more damage. The weapon’s wielder must be particularly active in order to get the Extra Damage benefit from the weapon.The weapon deals 2 damage on a hit when the character wielding the weapon makes a skill roll to attack on their turn using a number of dice greater than or equal to the weapon’s Charge rating. For example, if a weapon has the Charge 4 quality, it deals 2 damage on an attack made as the character’s third action (which uses four dice) or later on their turn.


Weapons with the Concealable quality can be hidden on your person with a successful complexity 2 Skullduggery skill roll.


Weapons with the Consumable quality are used up in an attack and cannot be used again.


Weapons with the Draining quality siphon life energy from their wielder to deal more damage. When you hit with this weapon, you can choose to deal 2 damage. When you activate this quality, you take 1 damage, which cannot be absorbed by Shield Health Levels.

Extra Damage

Weapons with the Extra Damage quality deal 2 damage on a hit.


Weapons with the Piercing quality ignore Shield Health Levels when they damage a target.


Weapons with the Range quality can hit a target a number of squares away equal to the weapon’s Range rating. For example, if a weapon has the Range 20 quality, you can attack a target up to 20 squares away from you.


Weapons with the Slow quality are cumbersome or require significant reload or reset time between Attacks. You can only make one attack per round with such a weapon.


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