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Burn Bryte


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Standard Robot

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Robots are mechanical creatures constructed to serve the needs of sapients. A robot can be built to do anything from clean a home to assassinate a target. These creatures are not sapient themselves, though they are capable of following complex instructions. Memories of the AI uprising during The Exploration Bryte keeps the technology from advancing further. In addition to the base statistics for each robot, you can add the following Special Abilities to further customize a robot:

  • Aquatic The robot can swim at normal speed.
  • Climber The robot can climb any climbable surface at normal speed.
  • Fast The robot has a speed of 10 squares.
  • Flyer The robot can fly. All of its Movement actions ignore terrain effects.
  • Laser Rifle The robot is equipped with a Laser Rifle and can make Attacks with it that have a range of 40 squares and deal 1 damage on a hit.
  • Medic If you spend 1 Collapse point, the robot can restore 1 health level to an adjacent creature.


[{"Ability":"Darksight", "Description":"The robot can see in the dark for 12 squares."}, {"Ability":"Multiattack", "Description":"The robot can attack twice a round."}, {"Ability":"Space Survivor", "Description":"The robot can survive in space and doesn't need to breathe. During ship combat the robot\u2019s speed is 1 zone."}, {"Ability":"Social Damage Immune", "Description":"Attacks made with Social skills cannot deal damage to the robot or impose negative conditions on it (unless the GM decides otherwise)."}, {"Ability":"Sustained", "Description":"The robot does not need to eat or drink."}, {"Ability":"Toxin Immune", "Description":"Poisons and other toxins cannot deal damage to the robot or impose negative conditions on it."}]
[{"Hit":"Target takes 1 damage.", "Type":"Physical", "Range":"melee", "Attack":"Slam"}]
challenge level
1 or 2
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