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Burn Bryte


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Sometimes you just meet that right person. That person you know you are going to hate. Maybe they did something wrong, or maybe you just don’t like their attitude, but from the first moment you met them you knew you were not going to get along. This Story Path is for a character who wants to establish a Rivalry with someone.

1st Event: Who is the Best?

Completion: You have a rival in a hobby, job, or other area. You may have just met this rival, or you might have known them for a long time. You have decided you need to show them you are better. There is only one way to do it: a competition. It could be a spaceship race, an arts and crafts contest, or a sword fight, but something needs to happen to put them in their place. You complete this event after you have a competition, win or lose, with your rival.

Reward: Increase the die size of one of your Skills by 1. The skill is determined by what the competition involved. (e.g. A race down the street probably involves Athletics, while outwitting each other in a trivia content likely uses Knowledge.)

2nd Event: The Admiration of Fans

Completion: You thought you put this whole thing behind you but keep getting reminders of it, like fans of your rival talking on the street, a billboard claiming you cheated during the contest, or a proudly displayed blue ribbon that should have gone to you. You complete this event after you experience at least one reminder of why you do not like your rival.

Reward: Select one special ability from your Species.

3rd Event: They are Such an A-hole

Completion: Everywhere you go you keep crossing paths, but this time it’s personal. Your rival directly prevents you from doing or getting something you needed. They might buy the last piece of Equipment you need for your mission or tip off a bounty hunter about your whereabouts just to screw you. You complete this event after your rival interferes with your life.

Reward: Increase the die size of one of your Mental Skills by 1.

4th Event: Setting Up the Confrontation

Completion: It’s time to strike back. No more waiting around for your rival to mess up your plans. You match wits with them again but this time on your terms. You complete this event when you set up another challenge for the two of you to take part in and convince your rival to participate.

Reward: Increase the die size of one of your Social Skills by 1.

5th Event: Only One of us Can Win

Completion: This is it, the final moment for you to put your rival in their place. You have everything set up; it is time for one last conflict. You complete this event after the conflict is resolved and the better person has been determined.

Reward if you won: Select one Nova ability from your Species.

Reward if you lost: Gain the Underdog Nova ability. When you are reduce to 0 Health Levels, you may spend 1 Nova point to gain 2 Health Levels.


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