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The Combat Round

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Combat encounters have a specific structure designed to emulate the heroic, player character centric nature of the game. The player characters and their actions are the primary focus of the story, while their enemies are obstacles that stand in their way. Keep this in mind as you read the rules of Combat, as it will help you understand the purpose of Combat encounters’ structure.

Combat encounters are broken into rounds and phases. A round of Combat consists of three phases. Once all phases are completed, a new round begins. This process continues until all the enemies or player characters are reduced to 0 Health Levels, both sides agree to stop fighting, or one side flees from or surrenders to the other. When a Combat encounter occurs, play starts in the first phase of the first Combat round.

You can track each phase of Combat, the number of Advantages the player characters have, and the Collapse Points the GM has using the Roll20 initiative tracker.


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