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Burn Bryte


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Personal Shield Generator

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Personal Shield generators are 3-inch-diameter badges that can be pinned to Clothing, harmlessly attached to the skin, or carried. When a powerful, compact Plasma Power Cell is installed in the badge, a force field is generated around the wearer, blocking physical Attacks (such as those made with weapons) while still allowing the wearer to physically interact with their environment. The Senchal Overguild invented the first personal Shield generators and controls nearly all distribution of them.

While you wear the badge you can install a Plasma Power Cell on your turn and gain a special health level called a Shield health level, which lasts for 24 hours or until it is removed by taking damage. Once a personal Shield generator stops producing a Shield health level, the Plasma Power Cell within it dies and a new one must be installed for it to generate a new Shield health level.

If you take damage from a physical attack (such as those made with weapons) while you have a Shield health level, first remove any Shield Health Levels you have before removing normal Health Levels. If your normal Health Levels are reduced to 0 and you still have Shield Health Levels remaining, you suffer the Consequences for dropping to 0 Health Levels as normal.

Inserting a power cell into a Shield generator during Combat is an action that requires a skill roll.


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