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Burn Bryte


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Story Expectations

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Burn Bryte is designed for telling player-driven stories. The players decide where their characters go, what their goals are, and how they attempt to overcome obstacles. The GM presents story hooks and challenges, adjudicates the rules, and interprets the outcomes of the player characters’ successes and failures.

While you can use the game’s rules to tell any narrative you like with your friends, the game excels at telling tales of high action, drama, and hope. In true science fantasy form every adventure should have high stakes, big decisions that result in interesting complications, and victories that make you want to cheer. The designers of this game drew from science fantasy and science fiction stories for inspiration including Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending, The Expanse, Voltron, Gundam, Outlaw Star, Thor, and Saga.

Olaxis' stories have themes of teamwork, defeating impossible odds, struggling to maintain critical resources, and defying the inevitable. The scale of the story is up to your group. You might be a plucky team of adventurers with hopes of saving the universe, or a band of grizzled, good-hearted mercenaries just doing what you can to Survive before The Burn takes you. No matter what story you tell, the game assumes the galaxy never feels like a static or calm place and the player characters are never comfortable for too long. Daily survival takes work for even the most powerful people in Olaxis. The game also assumes the player characters are not perfect people, but that they are more good than evil.

Here are a few ideas of one-sentence missions the player characters might go on, to help give you an idea of the kinds of stories best suited to Burn Bryte:

  • The player characters are hired by the ARC to rescue a group of missing Xura thrill-seekers on a pirate-occupied moon about to collide with The Burn.
  • A war over a plasma well between the Ulran Socialist Republic and a kith’uk warlord has both sides asking the player characters for assistance.
  • The Order of Heroes pursues the player characters for the “honor” of being hurled into The Burn.
  • A group of refugees asks the characters for help getting to their family in the heavily guarded Dright System.
  • Xura hires the characters to escort a group of Wealthy overguild leaders to see The Burn consume a planet, and one rich passenger is murdered during the journey.
  • Rythwir Telanco reaches out to the characters and asks them to attend an ino ball to learn the plans of a mysterious war hero.
  • ARC asks the characters to chase away big game hunters who trawl an Aquatic planet in the Midbelt looking for enormous fauna to make trophies.
  • A faction of The Daylight leads raids on a Midbelt system to capture individuals to sacrifice to The Burn, and the locals plead for help.


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