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Dright System

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The Dright System is at the current center of Olaxis. The namesake planet of the system and its eight moons are verdant places where food grows abundantly. There was never any overarching government for the system or its Celestial Bodies, just small village councils of farmers. That all changed when Dright became the center of the galaxy. The farmers who worked the land for decades are now caught up in a war between the Ulran Socialist Republic and a large force of kith’uks. Most of the conflict’s violence takes place on the surface of the main planet, decimating what was once fertile land. Both sides in this war control four of Dright’s moons, where the Wealthy and Overguilds carry out their day-to-day lives, hoping the war doesn’t spill over to them.



Open cultures allow people and refugees to pass, visit, and reside freely, though they may have some requirements for entry, such as a border authority that asks questions of visitors before allowing them to enter.

Bonus: If you come from an open Culture, increase the dice sizes of one of your Social Skills to a d12, one of your Physical Skills to a d10, any other skill to a d10, any two Skills you want to a d8, and any three other skill to a d6.

Population Density


Rural cultures give people plenty of space to spread out. Neighbors in such communities could be miles away from each other and finding services can be tough, so most people fend for themselves.

Bonus: If you come from a rural Culture, increase the dice size of two of your Skills by 1.



Partitioned cultures consist of at least two different Species living in close proximity but rarely interacting with one another. They are generally confined to their own neighborhoods. One Species may hold all or most of the power in the Culture.

Bonus: If you come from a Partitioned Culture, you gain one special ability and two Nova Abilities from your Species. In addition, you can increase the dice sizes of three of your Skills to a d6.

Economic Status


Wealthy cultures have plenty of jobs and opportunity for employment. Many Heartworlds are home to Wealthy cultures.

Bonus: If you come from a Wealthy Culture, you gain 10,000 Argent to buy your starting Equipment.


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