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Burn Bryte


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Someone has wronged you, and you’re out to make them pay. This Story Path represents a time of great emotional pain in your life. You seek to lessen that pain by harming the person who harmed you. This path is for a person who wants to explore roleplaying a character out for vengeance.

1st Event: Hurt

Completion: You complete this event after you suffer a terrible personal tragedy at the hands of someone else. The person who hurts you becomes your target. They might harm a loved one, steal from you, embarrass you, sell you out, or do anything that causes you great emotional pain.

Reward: Increase the die size of your Empathy, Perception, Power, or Presence skill by 1.

2nd Event: Find a Weakness

Completion: You complete this event after you uncover a piece of information that informs you of vengeance target’s weakness. This weakness could be an addiction, a character flaw, a relationship, a precious personal object, or the like.

Reward: Increase the die size of your Knowledge, Stealth, Streetwise, or Suavity skill by 1.

3rd Event: Warming Up

Completion: You complete this event after you cause some minor emotional damage to your target. The way you hurt them should be less harmful than what they did to you as a warm up to their just desserts. For instance, you might destroy or rob your their safe house, publicly spread embarrassing stories about them, or have their friends arrested or killed.

Reward: Increase the die size of your Computers, Melee, Ranged, or Skullduggery skill by 1.

4th Event: Payback the Pain

Completion: You complete this event after you payback your target for the pain they did to you. This should result in great personal insult, injury, or death for your target, equivalent to the pain they caused you.

Reward: Select one special ability from your Species.

5th Event: One Step Further

Completion: After you payback your vengeance target, you have the opportunity to take their punishment to the next level. You complete this event when you plan for and begin to execute a scheme to take your vengeance another step. For instance, if your target removed your eye in Combat and you have already taken theirs, you might decide to now take their life. If they are already dead, you might decide to besmirch their legacy in some way. Once you put your plan into action, it is up to you if actually complete it. If you decide your need for Revenge is sated or will not actually help you heal, you can walk away.

Reward if you don’t take it one step further: Select one Nova ability from your Species.

Reward if you do take it one step further: Gain the Vengeful Strike special ability. The first time you deal damage to a creature who has damaged you since the end of your last turn, you deal 1 Extra Damage to that foe. If you complete this Story Path a second or greater time and you take your Revenge one step further again, select one special ability from your Species.


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