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Burn Bryte


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Building Your Spaceship

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After the group creates characters the next thing you should do is choose a spaceship from one of the three below, which comes with one of the following Combat module packages:


Bolts are long, sleek rockets made for moving through outer space in style. They were developed by the kith’uks for Travel across long distances in comfort but can be outfitted with Weapons.


Predators were first developed by ulrans for use in war. Those available for legal sale have had most of their Weapons Systems gutted but retain their armored hulls and dull living spaces.


Wanderers were the first ships with MI capabilities developed by gleans. They are built to Travel long distances and protect themselves while transporting cargo.

Full maps of the three Player Ships are already set up for you on Roll20! Add the “Burn Bryte Core Rulebook Addon” to your game in order to access these maps.

Exchanging a Ship

When your ship is docked at a place where you can get repairs, at the GM’s discretion you can change in your ship for another starting type, provided your current ship is not in need of repairs. When you get your new ship, you can transfer the components you had in the old ship over for a fee of 100 Argent per component.


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